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Can You Do a Property Deal Without a Conveyancer in Sydney?

If you are looking to purchase or sell a property in Sydney, you may be looking at using a conveyancer. But do you actually have to use a conveyancer?

Do you have to use a conveyancer in Sydney?

The short answer is no. Legally you don’t have to use a conveyancer, you can do the whole deal yourself. However, there are a number of good reasons to use one. Here’s why:

Property deals can be complex affairs. There are many aspects to consider from the title of the property, to the property itself, to the Contract of Sale. Anywhere along here could lie countless pitfalls, which can trap an inexperienced buyer or seller and end in a very expensive mistake. This is why doing conveyancing on your own is so risky.

The benefits of having a professional conveyancer do the deal with you is that you get their expertise and experience. The role of the conveyancer is not just to file some paper work, but they are also there to ensure that you are actually getting a good deal, the property and title and legitimate, and that you are not being swindled.

On top of all this, a conveyancer will know the process of making the property deal inside out, so they will be able to ensure no mistakes are made along the way which could end up costing you. And, should things go wrong, they are there to provide legal support as well.

Basically, by hiring a conveyancer, you will actually save more money and a huge amount of time, unless you are very experienced with the conveyancing process. You also greatly reduce your risk of something going terribly wrong.

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