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Divorce is tough for all parties involved. In many cases it may well be the toughest time in a person’s life. Emotions are often at an all-time high, and things can get very complicated when it comes to coming to an agreement, especially when children, houses and assets are involved.

We at Elmassian Lawyers understand the struggle of going through a divorce, and are here to get you the best outcome possible and get through it with as little stress as possible.

While we deal with you in a warm and approachable manner, we fight your case with everything we’ve got. Losing is not an option and we intend to get you the result you are after.

Our friendly, sympathetic team of lawyers can help you with all aspects of a divorce or separation including:

  • Divorce or separation proceedings including seeking a Divorce Order for you
  • Serving the Divorce Application to your partner
  • De-facto relationships
  • Child support and parenting agreements
  • Property settlements
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial (binding financial) agreements
  • Getting a fair division of assets
  • Family counseling and mediation
  • Any other separation matters

Our team will work with you on an individual basis to fully understand your situation in order to give you clear legal advice to achieve the best possible outcome. We will ensure that you are fully informed of your options at all stages of the process in order to make the correct decisions and get the results you want.

We work with you every step of the way so that you are not left to work out anything on your own or make decisions you are unsure of during this process. We settle as much as possible outside of the court room to save you time, stress and money.

But should things have to go to court, you can be confident that you have the best team on your side who will fight to get you a fair result.

If you are thinking about a divorce or separation, or are ready to get one, get in contact with us at Elmassian Lawyers now by clicking the call button or filling out the form below.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

“George Elmassian has been our lawyer for a number of years.

George and his staff are always very professional and easy to deal with. They have assisted us with our property transactions, buying selling, leasing and general commercial litigation. We highly recommend them.”

Jan – CMS Construction Services Maintenance Services

“When I purchased my first property Elmassian Lawyers assisted me with the entire process.

They were very professional and always available.”


“I engaged Elmassian Lawyers in my Family Law Proceedings and purchase of my property.

Their professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. They kept me up-to-date throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them.”

Michelle Grae

“Elmassian Lawyers has been doing our family’s commercial and personal legal work for over a decade now.

They have always been reliable and available. Their advice on commercial and general legal matters is always concise and easy to understand. I highly recommend them.”

Mila Zuvela – Fineline Building

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