What Is a Commercial Litigator?

When a business or entrepreneur have a dispute with another party, this can result in litigation. This is known as commercial litigation, because at least one of the parties involved in a business entity, and covers a wide range of business legal areas. A commercial litigator is a lawyer who specialises in these cases, working with the parties involved to come to a resolution, or to take the matter to court.

Commercial Litigator

Why do you need a commercial litigator?

The area of commercial litigation is a very broad and complex section of the legal system. When it comes to business, there are all sorts of laws and regulations that need to be adhered to. Trying to navigate this yourself while dealing with a lawsuit is asking for trouble.

A commercial litigator’s job is to specialise in this area of the law and represent the company’s interests in the dispute. Their aim is to defend the rights of the company and get the best outcome possible. They will try to get the matter resolved quickly and out of the courtroom if possible.

What kind of cases can a commercial litigator work on?

Commercial litigators are able to assist in all areas of business and commercial law, including:

  • Contracts
  • Fraud
  • Consumer protection
  • Trademarks
  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • International trade
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Debt collection
  • And more

Are you having a commercial dispute?

If you are being sued or you would like to resolve a commercial dispute, we at Elmassian Lawyers are here to help. We are expert commercial litigators who are able to assist with any commercial litigation case.

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